Create a DPM Recovery farm

Tutorial to create a DPM recovery farm (MOSS 2007):


  1. Open the SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration console from the Start Menu.
  2. Once the SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration console is open, click on the Application Management tab which opens to display all of the various options for managing your SharePoint installation.
  3. Look under the SharePoint Web Application Management heading to find the Web application list at the bottom and select this menu item.
  4. When the Web Application List appears, check through the list to confirm that the DPMRecoveryWebApplication does not already exist. If it does exist, you are free to delete it and continue with these instructions or you may continue with the one that exists. If it does not exist, please continue through the following steps to create one.
  5. Click the “back arrow” to return to the Application Management page. Under the SharePoint Web Application Management heading, click on the Create or Extend Web application.
  6. The Create or Extend Web application page appears with two options. The first called Create a new Web application is the one we will choose. The second option, Extend an existing Web application is not needed for this purpose.
  7. After clicking the Create a new Web application link, the Create New Web Application page appears displaying various necessary fields for details about the web application that is being created. Here is a brief summary of the important fields of this page.
    • Chose the Create a new IIS web site and in the description, name it “DPMRecoveryWebApplication”.
    • In the Port field, give it a unique port which is not shared by any other internal application.
    • The Host Header and Path fields can remain unchanged.
    • Scroll down to the radio button Create new application pool and in the Application pool name box, note that the entry name includes the port number and the SharePoint recovery server name.
    • Under the Select a security account for this application pool, select the Configurable radio button and type in a suitable account and password in the fields that follow. Note the security warning at the top of the page indicating that the credentials of this account may be transmitted in clear-text across the network.
    • Lastly, in the Database Name box, type in DPMRecoveryWebApplication.
    • iisreset /noforce

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