DPM 2010 create catalog PowerShell script

A little script to do a DPM 2010 restore on item-level to a SharePoint 2010 farm directly after creating the first backup of the SharePoint 2010 environment. Normally every 24 hours, DPM will create a catalogue of the Sharepoint environment in order to allow the item-level recovery. To force this task (for demo purposes maybe) you can run the following PS commands to do the trick.

$protectionGroup = Get-ProtectionGroup 

$dataSource = Get-Datasource $protectionGroup [index number 1] // the index number of the SharePoint Protection group, type $protectionGroup to get a list.

Start-CreateCatalog $dataSource[index number 2] // Create the catalog from the SharePoint datasource, type $dataSource to get a list of all datasources

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