‘Error: Access Denied’ error on creating a new page in MOSS 2007

The option to create a page was appearing in their ‘Site Actions’ menu, so this didn’t appear to be a security problem (or this would have been security trimmed), and after inspecting the group permissions which had full control, and the permissions for the group, which allowed the group ‘create page’ permissions – I was completely baffled as they still could not create a new page.

After some searching around, I discovered this was in fact a ‘feature’ of MOSS (which hopefully gets fixed in the next service pack). What needs to happen is that the user or group needs to also have ‘read’ permissions to the master page gallery. Once you have done this, everything works (although it does mean that your users also have read permissions to the master page gallery, which I wasn’t overly wrapped about).

I am guessing the reason for this is that this is where the page templates are located, and to create a new page you need to use a page template, and as such need read access to it.

To apply this ‘fix’ you will need to do the following:

1.       Go to Site Actions -> Site Settings ->Modify all site settings

2.       Go to Galleries -> Master pages and page layouts

3.       From the list toolbar, select Settings -> Document library settings

4.       Select permissions for this document library

5.       Add ‘Restricted Read’ access to the required groups.

Once this is done, your users will no longer get the access denied error .

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