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iCiber – delivers expert support for SharePoint, IT Operational improvements, Transition & Transformation Programs, Troubleshooting & Performance challenges

Founded in 2016, iCiber delivers expert support for SharePoint, IT Operational improvements, Transition & Transformation Programs, Troubleshooting & Performance challenges. Focus of iCiber is on the Microsoft platforms (e.g. SharePoint, Exchange, Office365, Azure, SQL). Our colleagues from iCiber are Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) or similar levels. iCiber has significant expertise in delivering operational services from offshore centers.

Areas of expertise: Migration of Service Desk Services, Local Support Services, Cross Functional Services (processes & procedures), Mail Services, File Services, Live Collaboration Services (Skype for business), Computer Device Services (Windows 7/Windows 10), Print & Scan Services, SharePoint Services, Stepping Stone Services and Server Management Services, Performance and Operational improvements large SharePoint environment (>50.000 users), Performance and Operational improvements large Exchange environment (>90.000 mailboxes), SQL, VMware


Wij brengen niet zelf onze technologie naar klanten, dat doen onze partners in ons open, hechte, en uitgebreide partnernetwerk.  Microsoft werkt samen met vele, verschillende partners. Zij zijn het die onze technologie brengen naar consumenten en organisaties, van
bedrijven in het midden- en kleinbedrijf tot grootzakelijke ondernemingen.


Intlock is a leading portal and web analytics solution provider, since 2005. The company develops, markets, and integrates CardioLog and the SharePoint Marketing Suite. These comprehensive web analytics solutions are designed specifically for SharePoint portals and websites. The SharePoint Marketing Suite enables organizations to add a wide range of marketing tools to their SharePoint website. Using these tools organizations are able to optimize website content and increase website ROI. The SharePoint Marketing Suite includes features like: web analytics, campaign tracking, behavioral targeting, a/b testing, visitor profiling, lead scoring, SEO, and additional tools to take their website to the next level.



Migrate SharePoint Documents & Sites around SharePoint, supports all SharePoint versions from 2003 to 2013 & Office 365.

Key Features:

  • Migrate Everything: Migrate Site Collections, Sites, Subsites, Lists, Libraries, Views, Worflows
  • No Server Installation: There is no server-side installation and we support SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 365.
  • Granular Migration: Granularly migrate your SharePoint Sites, Lists, Content Types, Documents and more with a simple drag & drop.
  • Unlimited Migration:  We believe a migration tool should not be metered. This is why Sharegate allows you to migrate as much data as you want. It’s unlimited.
  • Import To SharePoint: Import your Documents to SharePoint while massively applying the Metadata with Excel.