SharePoint Designer & User information List Metadata in a Workflow

I was building a workflow in SharePoint Designer and sometimes you need some metadata, for extra information or for an e-mail, from a SharePoint user. The problem is SharePoint Designer returns only the username and you cannot do a lookup for the the rest of the metadata from that user.

This is a  list out the metadata available in the “User Information List“, with the Paul Kotlyar’s “Lookup User Info” custom SharePoint Designer workflow activity you can use all off these fields in your workflow. Download the solution from CodePlex Don’t forget to put this line in the web.config:

authorizedType Assembly=”DP.Sharepoint.Workflow, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0298457208daed83″ Namespace=”DP.Sharepoint.Workflow” TypeName=”*” Authorized=”True” /

The “User Information List“ is available with administrator rights under: _catalogs/users/simple.aspx

Display Name Type Name
Content Type ID ContentTypeId ContentTypeId
Name Text Title
Approver Comments Note _ModerationComments
File Type Text File_x0020_Type
Account Text Name
E-Mail Text EMail
About Me Note Notes
SIP Address Text SipAddress
Locale Integer Locale
Calendar Type Integer CalendarType
AdjustHijriDays Integer AdjustHijriDays
TimeZone Integer TimeZone
Time Format Boolean Time24
Alternate Calendar Type Integer AltCalendarType
CalendarView Options Integer CalendarViewOptions
WorkDays Integer WorkDays
WorkDay StartHour Integer WorkDayStartHour
WorkDay EndHour Integer WorkDayEndHour
Is Site Admin Boolean IsSiteAdmin
Deleted Boolean Deleted
Picture URL Picture
Department Text Department
Job Title Text JobTitle
Is Active Boolean IsActive
Report To User Report_x0020_To
ID Counter ID
Content Type Text ContentType
Modified DateTime Modified
Created DateTime Created
Created By User Author
Modified By User Editor
Has Copy Destinations Boolean _HasCopyDestinations
Copy Source Text _CopySource
owshiddenversion Integer owshiddenversion
Workflow Version Integer WorkflowVersion
UI Version Integer _UIVersion
Version Text _UIVersionString
Attachments Attachments Attachments
Approval Status ModStat _ModerationStatus
Edit Computed Edit
Name Computed LinkTitleNoMenu
Title Computed LinkTitle
Select Computed SelectTitle
Instance ID Integer InstanceID
Order Number Order
Workflow Instance ID Guid WorkflowInstanceID
URL Path Lookup FileRef
Path Lookup FileDirRef
Modified Lookup Last_x0020_Modified
Created Lookup Created_x0020_Date
Item Type Lookup FSObjType
Effective Permissions Mask Computed PermMask
Name File FileLeafRef
Unique Id Lookup UniqueId
ProgId Lookup ProgId
ScopeId Lookup ScopeId
HTML File Type Computed HTML_x0020_File_x0020_Type
Edit Menu Table Start Computed _EditMenuTableStart
Edit Menu Table End Computed _EditMenuTableEnd
Name Computed LinkFilenameNoMenu
Name Computed LinkFilename
Type Computed DocIcon
Server Relative URL Computed ServerUrl
Encoded Absolute URL Computed EncodedAbsUrl
File Name Computed BaseName
Property Bag Lookup MetaInfo
Level Integer _Level
Is Current Version Boolean _IsCurrentVersion
Group Computed GroupLink
Edit Computed GroupEdit
Name Computed ImnName
Picture Computed PictureDisp
Name Computed NameWithPicture
Name Computed NameWithPictureAndDetails
Edit Computed EditUser
Selection Checkbox Computed UserSelection
Content Type Computed ContentTypeDisp

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