Warm Up SharePoint 2010 on W2K8r2 using IIS 7.5 app Warm-up Module

For MOSS 2007 I used a warm-up script but now with SharePoint 2010 installed on Windows 2008 R2 with IIS 7.5 it is possible to use the warm-up module extensions for IIS 7.5. Download this module at:  http://www.iis.net/download/ApplicationWarmUp

Install the module on the W2K8r2 machine which hosts the SharePoint 2010 webapplications

To configure this module with the SharePoint 2010 web application, Launch IIS Manager and click on one of your SharePoint Sites.  In the middle pane, you will notice a new item listed under IIS titled, Application Warm-Up.

Double Click on Application Warm-Up.

Under Actions located on the far right pane, select Settings and enable both options.

Now we need to add a request which is usually the main page of your SharePoint Site (necessary for each Site Collections in the farm).  This is under Actions, Select Add Request and enter the URL of your SharePoint Site:

At last you will need to specify your Authentication settings, otherwise the module will not work and generates errors in the event log. Under setting you can specify the user to be used by the module.

Now you are done and after a IIS reset, server reboot or application pool recycle the SharePoint 2010 in nicely warmed-up when used again. No more waiting :-)

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