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Leveraging Experience to Simplify Complexity – Ronald Bruinsma, a Freelance Azure Cloud Architect, Tech Author & Solution Architect to support your Cloud Journey!"

Boasting over 23 years of experience as an IT Solution Architect, I've developed a practical approach to problem-solving, focusing on Microsoft modern workplace solutions such as Intune & Windows 365, and Azure hosting. I take pride in my ability to simplify complex technical concepts into language that is easily understandable to all.

Ronald Bruinsma - Freelance IT Professional

I'm Ronald Bruinsma, a Cloud enthusiast and a tech author. I am dedicated to helping businesses understand and successfully adopt Azure and Cloud technologies, always ready for a new tech challenge. Available as a Freelance IT professional.

Azure Cloud Architect
Moderne Workplace Architect
Tech Author
Dutch & English

A Practical guide for a Real-World Implementatio of Azure - Book

In 2023 I launched my first book on Azure and the Cloud Adoption Framework. Navigate your cloud journey with my practical guide.

This book is an in-depth guide on cloud adoption, specifically focusing on the Microsoft Azure platform. It presents a step-by-step approach for businesses looking to commence on their digital transformation journey by leveraging Azure's capabilities. Designed to help organizations understand and apply the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), it discusses the strategic aspects of cloud adoption, from business case formulation to planning and execution.

- Packed with useful advice and practical insights to help you bypass typical obstacles and get started efficiently with implementing an Azure Cloud environment.

- Offers extensive understanding on all Azure cloud-related aspects, from the initial stages to ongoing management, making your journey smoother.

- Discusses a wide range of topics, from creating an effective strategy to long-term Azure cloud governance.

My Services

Empowering Your Digital Transformation Journey with one of my Services

I offer four different services within the area of Azure Cloud and the Modern Workplace, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our Architecture as a Service comes at a fixed price, while the other three services are billed at an agreed hourly rate.

Architecture as a Service

Through this service, I provide comprehensive architecture solutions customized to your Azure Cloud and Modern Workplace requirements. I leverage my expertise to design robust, scalable, and efficient architectures that align perfectly with your organization's goals. Whether you're seeking cloud-native solutions or optimizing existing environments, I create blueprints that ensure your IT landscape is primed for success.

Quick Scan and Advise

As part of this service, I conduct rapid yet thorough assessments of your Azure Cloud and Modern Workplace environment. This quick scan allows me to identify pain points, performance bottlenecks, security gaps, and cost-saving opportunities. I then offer actionable advice and recommendations to address these issues, helping you make informed decisions to enhance your environment.

Consulting Services

Need additional expertise to strengthen your team temporarily? With this service, I act as a valuable resource within your organization for a specified period. Whether it's architecting a complex Azure solution, providing guidance on Modern Workplace strategies, or assisting with project execution, I seamlessly integrate into your team to deliver tangible results.

CAF-Guided Azure Deployment

I specialize in guiding organizations through the seamless deployment of Azure environments following the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). My comprehensive service ensures a structured approach to building your Azure infrastructure, leveraging best practices from my expertise. From initial assessment to architecture design, I'll be your trusted partner in implementing a robust Azure environment.

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    Clients - Reference cases

    A few Clients I worked for in the past and reference cases

    Designed new Cloud and Modern Workplace

    Leading infrastructure modernization, I designed an Azure environment and I've designed a co-management modern workplace supporting legacy and modern applications, ensuring seamless transitions and minimizing disruptions through detailed roadmaps and migration strategies.

    Architecture as a Service

    I designed Architecture as a Service (AaaS) and implemented governance for infrastructure architecture for this client. Additionally, I was responsible for writing an Azure Landing Zone and creating a modern workplace design.

    Windows Virtual Desktop

    As a Cloud and Modern Workplace Architect, I designed a secure, scalable, and efficient backend infrastructure for a managed workplace and WVD environment, creating high-level designs for various Azure components. I collaborated with stakeholders to align solutions with organizational needs.

    Product Owner and Architect

    I was the product owner of a 9-member DevOps team in India, automating ING's backend using Azure and Resolve Systems, delivering 90+ Runbooks for on-premises infrastructure. Additionally, I designed a SharePoint 2013 farm for 80,000+ users, developing comprehensive documents and a migration plan for transitioning from a customized SharePoint 2007 farm.

    SharePoint & O365 Architect

    I designed a customized SharePoint 2010 environment for Provincie Fryslân, including an intranet environment. Migrated multiple sites, optimized processes, and improved management through automation and user groups. Additionally, I deployed a SharePoint online environment, enhancing deployment for external projects and improving organizational collaboration and information management.

    Solution Architect & Specialist

    Designed & Managed FrieslandCampina's global SharePoint environments, implemented an OTA environment for hosting Sitecore websites. Additionally, developed and deployed an "Overall Equipment Effectiveness" database application across multiple production locations for FrieslandCampine.


    What people have to say about Ronald

    via LinkedIn recommendations

    Ronald was in my project team and responsible for the SharePoint 2013 High/Low Level Designs, and Migration strategy . Ronald is a flexible and excellent architect with a very good feel for detail.
    Tijmen van Heukelingen Programma manager
    Ronald and I shared the role of SharePoint/Platform architect and I must enjoy I enjoyed working together! Ronald proved to be very capable, and have a deep knowledge of SharePoint.
    Gabriel Hakvoort Modern engineering consultant
    Ronald heeft bij ons, de provincie Fryslan, de SharePoint omgeving volledig ingericht. Hij is expert op zijn vakgebied en begrijpt de wensen van de klant. Hij weet op een projectmatige manier goede resultaten neer te zetten en houdt zich aan gemaakte afspraken.
    Diedrik Septer Director
    Ronald has the ability to combine his technical and creative skills for solving complex SharePoint related problems. Ronald is easy to work with, hard working and a reliable person.
    Niels Freriksen Microsoft 365 Solution Architect

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