In this blogpost, we’re diving into the synergy between the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and Azure DevOps for developing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in Azure deployments. This approach is important for teams seeking efficient, reliable, and continuous improvement in their cloud infrastructure projects. Understanding the PDCA Cycle: Integrating PDCA with Azure DevOps for IaC: 1. Planning […]

Translating policies into Azure Blueprints and implementing compliance controls are essential steps in maintaining the security and performance of your cloud environment. In this blogpost, I will provide an overview of Azure Blueprints and explain how they work with Management Groups, Subscriptions, and Resource Groups to enforce compliance controls. 2. Management Groups, Subscriptions, and Resource Groups: […]

What are Paved Road Applications? The “Paved Road” application concept is an approach to software development and deployment that originates from the metaphor of paving the most traveled paths. In a business or development context, this concept represents the creation of standardized, streamlined, and well-supported paths for application development, deployment, and operation. The idea is […]